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For too many years, the pleat has caught a bad rap as being a horrible detail on an ugly bridesmaid dress. We all have been to a wedding boutique for one reason or another, be it we were the bride selecting bridesmaid dresses or the bridesmaid walking with the bride trying to keep the arm strength together to prevent the tower of ugly bridesmaid dresses from toppling. But have you ever looked at the pleat? The exquisite appearance of the folds as they create an allusive appearance of a stylish staircase. Leading the wearer into the future of women’s wear. Today’s modern woman dreams of attending red carpet events, black tie balls and upscale elite society events, but once she is snapped back into reality; she does not live such a lifestyle.

Instead today’s modern female is a driven force to be met with head on in the business world. Her hobbies are no longer a small room in the home, but a goal that has been given its marching orders to build a successful empire. Turning a small hobby and dream into a larger than life career and mission to form a solid foundation in order to make the biggest leap from dreamer to doer. She cannot get her errands done in a form fitted mermaid style dress with a ridiculously long train. Instead she needs luxurious ready to wear knit that is flexible and movable for her while she is running from meeting to meeting. Beautiful, breathable knit that is comfortable and soft for those long hours sitting in traffic trying to drive from work to school to home life. Adding Territa Torres Designs innovated pleats, will provide a sense of uniqueness and fashion forward feel to the wearer while including a sense of confidence and showcasing her bolder side of her personality.

Pleat placement is the most important key factor when creating and designing for our brand. For instance, playing with the side seam of the common trouser gives it a fierce personality. Manipulating darts and playing with style lines gives the wearer the one of a kind feel we want to encompass for the brand. Pleats are not and should have never been in the category of hideous detail. The pleat itself lives in light and dark, the top fold dances with refracting light playing in the iridescence of the fabric while the tight cascading folds allow the shadows to play a game of peek a boo.

In closing, Territa Torres Designs is an emerging exclusive brand. Our designs are head turners and show stoppers. Our sales are small but show great promise. Our following is small but shows steady growth. Our collection pieces will make the viewer smile with enthusiasm and leave them wanting to see more. That statement we can proudly and strongly stand behind. SHOP NOW