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Sebastian Torres

Sebastian Torres

sebastian torres
Sebastian Torres

Native Colombian Sebastian D’ Torres has always had a passion for fashion, his experience and his love of knitting following years of watching his mom making clothing.
His couture designs have been transmitted for several generations as a family legacy. The production process ranges from the manufacture of the raw material, through the design of haute couture and finishing. He uses different methods of hand fabrication: Macramé, manual loom, felt, crochet, needles, manual weaver, among others; techniques inherited by family tradition.
The objective of each piece is to transmit the feeling of majesty deriving from a perfect quality, ideal for anything place. ^ The pieces were created over many months and their beauty, texture and colors reflect other places of beauty in nature^

His collections have overwhelmed women from all over the world, both for his irreverent style and for the versatility of the garments.

Sebastian Torres
Currently, his couture house supports 31 mothers as head of the family, generating a positive impact on the quality of their lives. He has studied chemical engineering at the national university of Colombia in Medellin. Learning processes of material preparation he is developing new textures and colors in macramé.

After returning to his homeland (Villa de Leyva), he developed a line that captures his intrinsic vision of fashion.

The eponymous collection had a philosophy that embraces modern luxury and indelible style with a focus on quality and innovation, where an aesthetic is defined that focuses on the placement of artisan culture fused with contemporary artwork.
Delivering an haute couture quality product, the designer reinterprets all these natural concepts giving an added value to traditional clothing. The perfection of how the garment

hangs, and the coolness of the texture provided by the garment make each piece unique.

Each day the learning process to offer a piece of excellence is sold in a limited way to boutiques around the world, to provide our customers exclusive clothes.