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Michael Brewer

Michael Brewer, fashion designer and owner of WearableArtOmaha, has spent his adult life searching for work he could be passionate about. An Air Force brat who was raised in and around Omaha, Nebraska, he tried on several hats (soccer coach and divorce attorney to name a few) before settling into the world of fashion, clothing design, and entrepreneurship.

In 2017, at age 40, he shut down his law practice, but still had no idea what he was going to be when he grew up. He did know that he needed less stress and more balance in his life, more time spent with his friends and family, and that a return to having fun and being happy was paramount.

Brewer sites the band 311 (fellow Omaha natives) as “unknowingly providing the soundtrack to his life.” The band’s songs have always contained the themes of unity, positivity, happiness, and enjoying life, and out of the hundreds of songs they’ve produced, Brewer’s favorite line might be this: “So many things that have gone wrong, least you have ears to hear this song.” This idea, that every day we wake up is a great day, has formed the basis of Brewer’s life philosophy, and the design philosophy behind WAO’s apparel.