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Germany Online Advertising Industry Projected to Reach $22Bn by 2027. Explore How Consumer Will React to the Changing Landscape: Ken Research

The report covers Germany Digital Advertising Market, Online Promotion Market, Digital Promotion Market, Online Ad Market, Germany Content Creation Companies, Major Digital Advertising Agencies, Challenges Online Advertising Germany, Amazon Digital Advertisement Market Sales, Investment digital advertising Germany.Fund raised startups digital advertising Germany

Gurugram, India, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Online Advertising Market is highly competitive, owing to the existence of various prominent players operating on a global scale. Some of the major players in the market are Google LLC, Facebook Inc., and Twitter In.

  • As of 2021, there were 74 million people in Germany who accessed the web from anywhere via any device.
  • Germany’s 4G Availability rises over 85%, with rural districts improving faster than urban districts.
  • is the industry leader in Germany, with e-commerce net sales of US$ 16,836 million expected in 2022 with estimated monthly traffic of 434.5 million visits.

The Surge in Paid Advertising: The marketing and advertising spend of companies are already shifting from the offline to the online space. Paid search is emerging as a great option for organizations for its cost-effectiveness and ability to adjust campaigns as and when needed. It is proving beneficial for both B2C and B2B segments. In 2022, the total mobile advertising spending is projected to reach a record of 327.1 billion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Increasing Searches for Products: E-commerce giants in the region, such as Amazon, have been investing heavily in the region to increase their market share. Many users in Germany are now searching for products more on Amazon than on Google, compelling advertisers to invest in online ads in the company. Companies, such as Facebook and Google, obtain most of their ad revenue from the Europe region. Thus, owing to increasing social media usage and advertising expense, this region is expected to hold a prominent share in the market.

Emergence of New Channels in Online Space: The total online advertising revenue in the Germany grew by a robust growth in 2021. This is mainly due to the emergence of new channels and formats, including virtual and augmented reality, podcasts, and OTT content which are gaining significance popularity in Germany. Almost half of German companies already use digital marketing channels including email, social media, search engine advertising, display, and others which can help the market to grow at exponential rate in future.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Germany Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2027F by Ken Research observed that online advertising is an emerging advertising market which has boosted after pandemic. Technological developments regarding the internet, combined with its increasing commercial use and the rapidly growing number of internet users worldwide, have not only shaped the evolution of online advertising and digital advertising but have also given rise to new advertising business models, mediums and players and is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to grow at ~% CAGR during 2022-2026F.

Key Segments Covered in the report:-
      Online Advertising Market
By Type (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Digital Advertising Market
  • Traditional Advertising Market

By Medium (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Desktop Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

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By Type of Advertisement (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Search Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Audio Advertising
  • Other Advertising (Native Advertising, Classifieds, Lead Generation, Buzz/Content Advertising, Email Marketing and more)

By Ad-Format on the Basis of Platforms (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)
Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Others

Search Advertising

  • Google
  • Yahoo & Bing
  • Amazon
  • Others

Video Advertising

  • YouTube
  • Others

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Further Segmentation by Medium (Desktop and Mobile, On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)
Social Media Advertising

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Video Advertising

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Search Advertising

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Audio Advertising

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Other Advertising (Native Advertising, Classifieds, Lead Generation, Buzz/Content Advertising, Email Marketing and more)

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

By Sectors (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Leisure Travel
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Others (Real-Estate, Education, Agrochemicals, Energy, Construction and more)

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By Ad-Buyers (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Direct
  • Ad Agencies

By Pricing Model (On the Basis of Ad Expenditure)

  • Performance
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Hybrid

Key Target Audience

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • End User Industries Investing in Digital Advertising
  • Regulatory Bodies and Government Agencies
  • Investors

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period: 2017-2021
  • Base Period: 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2023-2027F

Companies Covered:-
Major Ad Agencies

  • TBWA Germany
  • DDB Group
  • BBDO Group
  • Serviceplan Group
  • Scholz and Friends Group
  • Kolle Rebbe

Major Online Platforms

  • Google (including YouTube)
  • Facebook (including Instagram)
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft (including LinkedIn)
  • Verizon Media
  • Tencent
  • Baidu
  • ByteDance

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Germany Online Advertising Market Introduction (Historical Evolution, Overview, Genesis, Business Cycle)
  • Germany Online Advertising Market Size,
  • Germany Online Advertising Market Segmentation,
  • SWOT Analysis of Germany Online Advertising Market         
  • Growth Drivers, Trends and Developments in Germany Online Advertising Market
  • Issues and Challenges in Germany Online Advertising Market         
  • Regulatory Framework in Germany Online Advertising Market
  • Customer Profiling in Germany Online Advertising Market
  • Case Studies Covered in Germany Online Advertising Market          
  • Competitive Landscape in Germany Online Advertising Market
  • Germany Online Advertising Market Future Outlook and Projections,
  • Analyst Recommendations

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Germany Online Advertising Market

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The digital advertising expenditure is expected to surpass the traditional advertising owing to the spurring smart phone and internet penetration among the population in the US. The introduction of 5G internet technology is expected to be one of the major growth drivers impacting the market as advertisers are now likely to adopt new ad formats due to better internet infrastructure and speed. Adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality to improve the targeting, measurability and efficiency of internet ads is further expected to positively impact the digital advertising market in the country.

France Online Advertisement Market Outlook 2027F- driven by surge in Mobile advertising, favourable government regulations, and innovative platforms of advertisements

France Online Advertisement Market witnessed a massive growth till 2018 & faced a setback in 2020-21. With a ~% decline, France witnessed one of the sharpest decline in advertisement investments in Europe. When it comes to future projections, a steady recovery& then an uptick is expected by 2027F. The Online Advertisement market in France is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% in 2022 & ~% by 2027. France has a well-established Online Advertising Industry with a number of multinational giants competing for market power. The market is highly concentrated with big companies dominating the market. The key players include, Facebook, Meta, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent & Alphabet.

Australia Online Advertising Market Outlook To 2027F- By Medium (Mobile and desktop), by Types of Advertising (Search, social media, Display, Video, Audio and Others), by Ad Buyers (Agencies and Direct)

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