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Fredlyn Burns

Creative Director & Designer Fredlyn Burns

When i was younger, i always love sewing. When i came to United states that’s when i really decided to become a fashion designer. My collection comes from mother nature. My inspiration comes from flowers and feather. I remember i was watching project runway, i was fascinate by the creativity the designers put on their dress. By their design you can what their inspiration comes from. i decided to follow that path and started design my collection. My favorite one was a yellow 3D flower dress. some of your back side was revealing. It is a sexy tight-fit-dress. I add a white zipper on the front and your legs were showing also. A lot of people love that yellow and some people asking me to make it for them. At my first fashion show, i usually show all types of creativity of dresses. i didn’t use a pattern, but i have a mannequin at home to make dress. I like it also because you can add some creativity on my dress. fashion is an art that i will live for. I used all types of fabric like stretchy or non-stretchy fabric. I used feather and lace fabric also. Hope Wade inspired me for my design. I saw her line on YouTube and i saw her dress was amazing. She used all types of fabric and she has an unique creativity. She inspiring me everyday of my life. She motivates me after i showed her my creativity on my dress. I went to her house for the first time to show her how serious i was to become a fashion designer. She knew i have something in me that i didn’t realize it. It was my talent and my passion for fashion. She started helping me with no charge. How to use a pattern and how to cut. I learned a lot from her. She always kept going and never give up because talent comes from your heart and God. For me the most difficult aspect is the pattern. You really have to pay attention with the pattern. If you messed it up, you have to do it all over again. my next collection for 2019 will be all about red carpet look with creativity also. I will show dresses and jumpsuits also. It will for all types size also. For project runway, i learned that i need to be better with my creativity. Think harder. Sometimes the style you bring, they already see it. It motivates me not to give up, even i went twice for audition for project runway. I made a submission and i receive an email to audition for project runway. I audition the first round and that was it. When i was waiting for my audition, i see a lot of people come back for 15 times. It really inspire me. Sometimes success comes with patience.