Fashion Week Las Vegas Season 8

Fashion Week Las Vegas Season 8

Oct 28, 2015



Fashion Week Las Vegas Season 8 is underway in the planning category,
Organizers are preparing for an amazing February, showcasing designers from United States as well as many from International Countries.

Confirmed so far are designers from Kenya, South Africa, Spain, France, and Colombia South America, many of the returning designers are from

Florida, California. Season 8 will be also offering designers who cater to plus size clients a night to show thier creativity on the runway this February.  Season 8 is also holding the Runway Model Competition for 5 nights and they have confirmed they are getting a number of plus size models registering. Fashion Week is in its 8th season and is the only Fashion Week held in Las Vegas.

Executive Producer Milka Von Rhedey, has brought in some outside experience talent this year from Arizona, and California to make Season 8  “Amazing”  as she Puts It.

“Fashion Week Las Vegas is a platform that unites established and upcoming designers and talented passionate individuals who may not have had that big break yet,” she says. “They may not meet the all the criteria of the other well-known fashion groups at the moment; however, we are open- minded and want to be known as the launching pad  for these talented individuals. FWLV encompasses two seasons annually, which are summer and winter. This event takes place each August and February, coinciding with MAGIC, which brings in all the elements that are one amazing backdrop for Fashion Week Las Vegas.”

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