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Cindy Monteiro

Cindy Monteiro
Interview with Cindy Monteiro

The CM brand, is a new clothing brand developed by the young Cape Verdean, Cindy Monteiro. She is 26 years old, and she was born in Switzerland, She grew up between Switzerland and Cape Verde. She studied in France, in Lyon and Paris. By the time, she developed her own style, not forgetting her roots, incremented by the environment in which she lived, very soberly associating glamour, elegance, but also the ambivalence between strength and sensitivity of the Cape Verdean woman.

She privileges fitted and straight cuts, light textures, sober colors, lightweight materials, adapted to the climate of Cape Verde. The CM brand, was introduced on December 7, 2013 in Praia. It is marketed by CMC Consulting company, which has a show room in Palmarejo.

In Cape Verde, she devoted herself to develop the Cape Verdean fashion industry, participating in some events like the first Hair Styling Show; VaissFashion Day; She represented her country at the African Fashion Reception in Paris; She has been the Cape Verde First Lady fashion designer; and by it she had the chance to send to the last United State First Lady: Michelle Obama, who kindly sent her a letter thanking her for the dress.