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Ashley Coleman

Designer Ashley Coleman

Ashley M. Coleman is a native from Little Rock, AR. She is currently a Fire Fighter for the city of Little Rock. Her second career is as a Fashion Designer independently and with Above All Designs, LLC. She is also a small business owner of Closet Chic, where she creates custom design t-shirts and accessories. When she isn’t working hard, she is a mother of two beautiful children. She juggles her kids’ extracurricular activities, full time profession, her passion for fashion, and her business daily.

“She’s no quitter!”

Not only is she a super woman, but she’s also a scholar. Ashley first attended Tennessee State University, in Nashville, TN where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Fashion/Interior Design. She later attended the International Academy of Design & Technology in Nashville, TN where she studied Fashion Merchandising. Her highest degree of study was achieved at Walden University. She received a master’s degree in Business Administration.
If anyone were to ever speak about Ashley, you would always hear that “She’s no quitter!” Ashley learned from her parents at an early age that everything you want that’s worth having, you must work for. She instills the same work ethic into her children.

Although Ashley currently does not have any accolades in reference to the fashion industry, time is still young. With her kind hearted, energetic spirit, and uniquely created mind, it’s a guarantee that she will make a name for herself.

his collection is called ‘Spot Light’ because there is no need for cameras to be flashing for these garments to be noticed. My inspiration for this collection came from the red-carpet lifestyle. Having larger than life personalities deserve garments that do the same.