Sarah Murphy is a  Makeup Artist from Santa Cruz, California. Sarah gained her experience ten years ago working for various cosmetic brands as a free lance artist. Sarah worked for MAC Cosmetics Brand, where she was able to express her artistic ablility freely. The experience with MAC opened many doors for Sarah, and she became part of a traveling artist team where the most advanced makeup artist were  group together to work  Industry , Runway and Special Events representing MAC Cosmetics. Sarah created her company Reflection Artistry, shortly after her time with MAC, and that has proven to also open many other doors in the Fashion Industry. Sarah was part of the cover shoot for Shimmer Magazine with vocal artist Guinevere this past Spring 2012.  The Summer Cover Shoot, featured Haute Couture Designer Rory Castillo a Latin Red Carpet Designer from Sacramento , California and his incredible Red Carpet gowns.
For more information on Sarah, and Reflection Artistry see her website at

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